Sponsorships & Donations

Sponsorship Guidelines

Your organization is invited to submit a request using the form below. To ensure that every request is received properly and promptly, we are no longer accepting requests in our branches.

The first step is to decide if your request is more of “sponsorship” or a “donation” opportunity. Here are some tips to help you choose:

Sponsorships are opportunities that:

  • offer clear ways for Fibre Federal/TLC to be recognized on event materials and promotions 
  • must be tied to a specific event, project, or activity 
  • must be submitted in the appropriate request cycle, based on the date of your event

Donations are opportunities that:

  • clearly identify the cause or area within your organization that our donation will be used to support
  • are not tied to a specific event or activity
  • may be submitted in any request cycle, but only one award per year will be given to an organization

Here are some examples of things we have sponsored:

  • Fibre Federal Credit Union Rainy Months Series, Columbia Theatre, Longview, Washington
  • Tillamook Police Department’s Shop with a Cop program, Tillamook, Oregon
  • Seeds of HOPE, HOPE of Rainier Food Pantry, Rainier, Oregon
  • Beach, Bacon and Brews event, various nonprofits, Lincoln County, Oregon
  • Neighbors for Kids, Lincoln County 
  • Assistance League of the Columbia-Pacific, Clatsop County, Oregon

While we enjoy partnering with many different projects in our communities, we do encourage you to check out our Community Investment Program Guidelines to ensure that your request meets our requirements. 

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Community Investment Application:

  • Please look for the “Thank you for your submission” notice once you submitted to confirm that your application has been received.

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