Online Bill Pay Is Now Totally Free!

We’ve eliminated the $4.95 monthly Bill Pay fee so all members can enjoy the service absolutely free!

If you're a Bill Pay user, you already know how convenient and easy it is to pay your bills online. If you were paying for Bill Pay, you can now enjoy the same service you love without a monthly fee.

If you haven’t tried Bill Pay, there is no better time to get started! Bill Pay makes paying your bills a breeze. Once you register, you can enter information for each of your payees and this data is permanently stored for future use. To pay a bill, simply select a payee, enter an amount, and choose a date to have the payment sent automatically. Instead of waiting on a paper check to clear, you can see when your payment is deducted right away in Online Banking. You can access Bill Pay from your desktop or mobile device through our Online Banking and Mobile App.

If you’re new to Online Banking, give us a call and we’ll send you the link to get started.  Or, fill out this short form and we’ll give you a call. 

Bill Pay is one of the many E-Services we offer to help you make your banking experience easy. It’s fast and secure, and now, completely free!