Credit Unions are Different, and Here's Why That's Good for You

Like most financial institutions, we offer loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, online banking, and other services you need. But as a credit union, we’re structured differently, and that’s where you benefit even more.

Credit unions are the only financial institutions that are not-for-profit cooperatives. We don’t answer to Wall Street stockholders pushing to make big profits. We answer to you. You’re a member of our cooperative, not a number. That means we return earnings after expenses right back to you, often in the form of lower fees and loan rates than for-profit financial institutions charge. You typically earn more dividends on your savings accounts. That’s more money in your pocket.

As a credit union member, you have a voice in what we do. Our Board of Directors consists of members who are elected by the other members to serve. That’s an important part of our cooperative model.  Your voice. Your credit union.

Another important cooperative principle is community impact. Last year, we gave 135 financial education presentations to 1,291 students. Our staff volunteered 1,912 hours, serving 23 non-profits.                                         

We’re local, so we invest in the community. We donated $147,859 in sponsorships and community contributions to 142 causes in 2017. 

We’re proud to have you as part of our Fibre Family!  Invite your friends and family to share in the benefits of membership.