We're all about convenience - especially when it comes to convenient E-Services!

Electronic Banking Services are evolving to make your accounts more accessible, more secure, and more convenient. E-Services give you instant access to your accounts and allow you to manage your finances without visiting or calling a branch. Check out all of the E-Services we offer and the many benefits they provide to you:

Online Banking

Transaction History: Keep track of your account activity 24/7. If you’re waiting for a check to clear or you’re expecting a deposit, you can check your current balance and transactions in Online Banking. Checking your transaction history is also a great means of fraud protection. You are more likely to catch unusual or unauthorized activity when you regularly check your account status in Online Banking. If there is ever a question of fraud, you can contact us immediately to block your card or file a dispute.

Transfers: You can set up automatic and scheduled transfers within your own accounts, to loan payments, or even to other people’s accounts via Online Banking. Depending on the financial institution receiving the funds, some transfers may take a few business days. This option can save on costly wire fees and can eliminate the risk of paper checks lost in the mail.

Budgeting Tools: Use Budgeting tools and set Savings Goals to learn smarter saving habits. 

Alerts: Customize notifications about low balances, transfers, and insufficient funds so you never get caught off guard.

If you’re new to Online Banking, give us a call and we’ll send you the link to get started.  Or, fill out this short form and we’ll give you a call. 

Mobile Banking

Use our app to view your accounts, conduct transactions, and pay bills from an out-of-state hotel room or the comfort of your living room. Accessible anywhere, Mobile Banking connects you with your account information any time of day.

Bill Pay

Skip the paper checks and pay your bills online, quickly and safely. After submitting payee information once, the Bill Pay site will store all payee information for future use. Simply select a payee from your list, enter a dollar amount, and choose a date to make the payment automatically. Schedule bills to pay in advance so you never forget to make a payment again.

Mobile Deposit

Instead of taking a physical check to a branch, you can snap a photo of the check on your smartphone to make the deposit. Save time and skip the line!


Ditch the paper and the files and keep all of your account statements in one secure digital location. Once you enroll in E-Statements, they will all be collected and stored within Online Banking for you to access any time you need them.


Download this free mobile app as your first line of defense against card fraud. CardValet gives you control over your debit and credit cards. Features include switching your card on and off, real-time alerts when your card is used, transaction controls, and more! We believe so strongly in CardValet, we pay for our members to use it for free.

E-Services give you full access and more control over your accounts anywhere, at any time. We provide these services to help make your banking experience faster, safer, and more convenient. Now that’s “Banking made easy.”