Ring in the New Year with New Online Banking

If you haven’t logged in to our new Online Banking service yet or you just haven’t had the chance to explore all its options, the New Year is the perfect time. It allows you to check balances, transfer funds, set account alerts, and pay bills online like our old system did, plus it offers new features to assist you with your New Year’s resolutions.

Budget Example

Is this the year you focus on getting your spending under control? Now you can create a monthly budget for each expenditure you want to keep track of, such as entertainment, eating out, or donations. First, you’ll name your budget and select which deposit account you’re using. Next, you’ll assign one or more spending categories. For example, if your total monthly budget is $4,000, you can break down each type of expenditure and spending amount so it adds up to $4,000. Select your income amount, and your budget is created.  

Magnifying GlassTo view a larger view of the images, simply right click on the image and select "Open image in a new tab."

Now, view your transaction history on the assigned account and select which transaction categories are applicable to your budget (both expense and income). The system will remember these types of transactions and apply them to your budget going forward. You can always edit your budget in the future.

Savings Goals
Now is the time to set a savings goal for 2019, and it’s never been easier.  Name your goal (“New Jeep,” “Caribbean Cruise”), select a deposit account, amount, and target date. You can even upload a picture of your goal.

New Savings Goal

While budgets and savings goals need to be set up on your desktop, you can track your progress on both from the mobile app. You can even set up notifications for your budgets and savings goals. You have the following options:

  • Budget category exceeded
  • Budget exceeded
  • Budget summary
  • Savings goal completed
  • Savings goal endangered
If you’re new to Online Banking, give us a call and we’ll send you the link to get started.  Or, fill out this short form and we’ll give you a call. 

If you’re already using Online Banking and want more detailed instructions on how to use budgets and savings goals, visit our Online Banking resource page