Youth Savings Month Winners

We had 2,323 entries in our Savings Challenge during Youth Savings Month this year! Congratulations to our seven lucky winners:

Marki C.-- $100 Prize
Cooper L.-- $100 Prize
Oliver K.-- $100 Prize
Jasmine W.-- $100 Prize
Corbin B.-- $100 Prize
Elyana G.– 2nd Prize: Stay-at-Home Science Package ($300 value)

Extra congratulations to our Grand Prize winner:
Caleb L. of Warrenton – $500 Science Subscription Package to KiwiCo.

We had 426 entries in our Youth Savings Month Coloring Contest this year! Congratulations to our 15 winners: Jediciah P., Kinsley R., Lianna F., Reese G., Shayne R., Ingrid S., Zoey L., Charis L., Anna A., Macy S., Anna K., Gia P., Sophia S., Brynn H., and Carly C. They each win $50 and get to keep their framed contest entry. 

Thank you to everyone who entered the Savings Challenge and Coloring Contest!