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Managing Your Money Just Got Easier!

Attention Online Banking users: We've just made some major improvements to the way you can review your transactions, sort them by category, and keep tabs on your budget. When you log in to Online Banking or our mobile app, you'll notice that your transaction descriptions are now more readable and are automatically categorized. For example, a transaction that used to say “MCDONALD’S #2356 PORTLAND, OR 7483275273598” is now simplified to “McDonald’s” and is automatically assigned the category “Restaurants/Dining.” This includes all accounts, including any linked accounts you have at other financial institutions. This enhancement is the result of machine learning algorithms, so the transaction descriptions will continue to improve over time.

Your transactions from the past two years will be retroactively updated. Depending on your level of account activity and the number of accounts you have, it may take some time for this initial scan to complete. If you notice transactions from within the last year that don’t appear to have been scanned yet, please give it a few days before contacting us.

You'll also see a brand-new widget, called Financial Wellness, which has replaced the Budgets widget.  Select Financial Wellness, and you'll see a snapshot of your spending information with a breakdown of categorized expenses, along with your top 8 spending categories.  While there are pre-set categories, you can easily set your own category rules for transactions that work for your specific needs. (See our FAQs for instructions.)

The Financial Wellness Widget also provides:

  • Month-to-month spending comparisons
  • Options to track what is coming out of specific Fibre/TLC deposit accounts, as well as external accounts that are linked within Online Banking
  • A reoccurring expense notification to help you easily view subscription services so you can cancel any you no longer need

We're confident you'll enjoy these new improvements, which allows you to track and budget your expenses better than ever before.  It's just one more way we provide Banking Made Easy!

Have questions?  Check out our FAQs here.